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Welcome to Kuštárovci official webpage!

My brother and I started our musical journey in Liptov (a region in northern Slovakia), where we grew up. It was the place, where we fell in love with music and we have not stopped loving it ever since. Despite that our journeys split during our academic years, we eventually reunited at the university in Nitra (western Slovakia).
It was in Nitra, where we founded the band Kuštárovci, which has been playing since 1991 until this day. Our band represented Slovak culture on many occasions, such as festivals and important events in Slovakia and abroad and has recorded several CDs.

We are doing our best to keep and pass our cultural heritage to our audience. Traditional folk songs hide the temperament, mentality, feelings and culture of Slovaks, which is definitely worth exploring.

At the same time, we do not limit ourselves to Slovak traditional songs – we have been expanding our repertoire to Slovak and Czech evergreens and international portfolio of popular songs.

The band Kuštárovci performs in various formations at private, business and public events. It is our pleasure to play a song, which delights your ears and moves you to dance.